Sunday, June 29, 2014

These Minotaurs are speaking to me!

So if you have read my crap before you know I have a Beastmen army. If you haven't read my crap before well, I have a Beastmen army. I have played them maybe three times I think. Once with Kyle for sure and once at Legions for sure. I am not an experienced WFB player by any means. However I love these damn models. Ok I do not love the chariots, Razorgors, most of the named HQ's and Centigors. The Gors, Bestigors, Ungors and most of all my beloved Minotaurs however are fucking top notch. I'll have words with anyone who disagrees... Words cuz lets face it I'm not coming to your house to punch you. It's far away damn it!

Let me take a second to same something here. I read a good bit of crap talk on these models. Many do not care for them. I am not one of those people though. Some folks like the Mierce or Scibor versions better. I am not one of those folks. Let the pics do the talking.

Exhibit A for the court: Scibor
These guys look... well like they are really in touch with their sexuality. Towards guys...
Exhibit B: Mierce
So you are telling me that between the middle one with a Down Syndrome and the pirate on the end are better then exhibit c?
Exhibit C: GW/Painted by me

The above two exhibits have better paint jobs but stupid looking models. GW's are better!
So I have been busy banging these guys out. I'm up to 9 total Minotaurs, 1 Doombull and 1 Taurox the Brass Bull. I really want to do a WFB demo game at the next game day Martin is having. I would also like very much to start playing in some tournaments at Legions. It'd be good for me to roll up there and beat some ass. Not on the gaming table but in the parking lot afterwards. You know when I am being a sore loser and taking it out on people who don't deserve my bullshit. Cuz its totally a fair fight, me former US Marine against random nerd who hasn't been punched in the face since high school, which would have been earlier that week most likely. I need a therapist... or more beer.
Jesus I just noticed my oldest son's head in in those pics. Nice. I have skills. Triple threat I am. Obviously great grammar (not even I kept a straight face on that), mediocre painting skills, below average IQ, shitty judgment on the gaming table and a piss poor attitude if I lose. Was that three?
Also I played a game this week against Shawn. He is my NEWB. He plays Astra Militarum and is a really solid painter for someone with no background in the hobby. We played a 1800 point game. Another learning game for him, he only has like 6-8 games in total. This why by far the biggest game point wise he had played. I took a very important thing away from that game. I need to slow down, not everyone has as many games as me. I screwed him up on like 3 turns of his rushing him. Bad teacher!! At least I caught it. I hope I was better about it in previous games. Lesson learned.
Total side note. I took Karandras and some wraithaxes. It was funny. I assaulted a 20-25 man strong platoon and butt fucked them for three rounds. Sadly the butt fucking ended there when he cast misfortune on him... Ohh yeah totally nerfed that power the internet says. Ummm fuck no it didn't. Rending from everyone that shoots at the target. That's not right!!! OP! OP! OP! OP! Sky falling!! Over reaction rant!! Whatever those tools on dakka do. Anyways its a good power. I know the re-rolling failed wounds is nice and all but rending? That was good Shawn took him down with it right before he was getting ready to charge and violate his company commander.
Wow I just re-read this blog post.... Nice segue... From Minotaurs to partial batrep. Well that's all that good learning I have had over the years..
See you around the way...


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Master Craft Game Day

So this last Saturday I got the privilege of playing in my friend Martin's (you say it in your head to huh the tv show intro I know you do) game day. I got to meet like 6 new people who play. It was a cool experience. Most everyone was new to the game with the exception of Martin, Myself, Kyle and another cat Jared. Martin took the time to book a little community center for us all that would accommodate bad language, dork talk of all manner and our foul gamer farts. I know what a cool place. It was a fucking church... with no pews. Don't ask I don't understand.

So it was really fucking far from my house in Steubenville, Oh. Yes I live there, you know where, that place where the football team rapes a girl... and its her fault. In the football teams defense she kind of had it coming.... I actually heard that from a PARENT. IN FRONT OF THE HIGH SCHOOL, AS WE PICKED UP OUR 5-10 YEAR OLD CHILDREN. Did I digress? My bad. Anyways so it was far. No biggie my favorite local gaming store is far too. Legion Hobbies and Games, Old Perry Highway Pittsburgh, Pa shameless plug.

So I show up about 25 minutes late because backwoods country traffic and my snooty Honda Hybrid don't agree with each other. Actually I have 3 kids I'm late to everything. Martin already had 4 tables set up and I had some cool missions already made. We spent about a 1 hour playing Jewish geography and lobbing dork questions at one another to get a feel for each other. Everyone seemed cool. Even Jared who I had a FB argument with about a mission I designed. Yes grown men arguing about mission for plastic men. I know I real mature, huh, Caleb. So we apologized to each other, shook hands and gave each other hand jobs to make it ok. That isn't entirely true. I didn't apologize.... I'm hilarious.

So I took a mostly Iyanden style Eldar list at the 3 point levels we all agreed on. It was 4 squads of Wraithguard in Wave Serpents (2 with D-Scythes), 2 Wraithknights (1 stock, 1 with suncannon/SL) a Farseer, 2 Spiritseers and 4 Hornets. I thought it was pretty solid without being over the top. Understated slightly. It was a MEQ rape list. I had to call the local sheriffs after my first game. I am now registered on several "sex offender" lists because of what I did.

Sexy I know...

So my first game was against Bob. He was playing Dark Angels and a Imperial Knight. I thought the IK would keep him viable. Not the case. We stopped it after the top of the second turn. I went first and preceded to wreck his whirlwind, 3 rhinos and kill some bikers turn 1. His turn he wrecked a Wave Serpent. Turn 2 I killed the IK, the remaining bikers and was poised to eradicate this 2 remaining tact units and terminators. It wasn't even lucky or unlucky rolling it was just the hardest counter to a MEQ list I could have brought. The Wraithguard with D-Scythes erase units. Like they never existed. One 2 man squad of Hornets outflanked and lit up his IK. Eight S8 AP2 shots from the side/rear with no cover available. Yeah.... I'm sorry.

I did actually feel bad. It would be Bob's only game that day. He had to leave early, so I'm a jerk. So we had time to kill and I watched Kyle's game and then these two new guys Will and Brian's game. 2000 point game for beginners took 5 hours. It was a ragtag Eldar list against, wait, its the biggest jerk move ever, 3 fucking monoliths. I know you're thinking, "Monoliths aren't all that" and I agree but when you are playing someone with the following list it is. Harlequins, Wraithblades, Firedragons, 1 Falcon, Wraithguard with D-Scythes, and some Warp Spiders. In Martin's defense he had no clue that matchup would go down but I renamed him to Martin T.F.G. White after that.

2 of 3 Monoliths... The other would deep strike in later... Martin is a jerk!

Kyle had a tight game of his Dark Eldar against Tau where he lost on points but the other guy had 2 models remaining. Jink is bad hmmm kay... He can jink, save his transport and then open fire with the models inside the open top transports. He seemed shocked how good it was.

My second game was a scorcher against Jared. He played a Tau list with 2 riptides, 2 broadsides, a truckload of crisis suits, a bunch of kroot and the markerlight shooter guys. We played a custom mission that was basically static objectives and FOC slot kill points. Vanguard strike, he deployed first, me second, he went to go first and I stole the initiative.... Ohhh shit!!!

Actually it was a close game. I started hot and jumped to a early lead (model wise). I then made some poor choices with Wave Serpents and suffered some losses. I also kept charging my Wraithknight into combat and almost lost him to overwatch. Basically I was trying to bully him and it was backfiring. He played solid and kept his eye on the prize and we ended it in the bottom of turn 5. I was up 7-5 and he couldn't come back for a victory. I had eradicated all his troops while 3 of 4 of mine were in prime scoring position. It was a good game. No one had hot or cold dice. Also no one did anything tactically that was so poor it cost them the game.

Overall it was a good little get together. I was pleased. Everyone was pleasant except myself because I'm a fucking jerk. I think everyone had fun and I look forward to doing it again. The highlight of the day was the last game between Kyle and Tim. Blood Angels against Tau. I didn't see it all but it was quoted as "the funnest game of 40k ever played". Now I am already back to painting Minotaurs for my Beastmen I want to do a demo WFB game at the next get together and Beastmen are so pretty painted.

Check out Martin's FB group.

See you around the way....

Thursday, June 19, 2014

How to pound out a Wraithknight in 10 hours....Gee some accomplishment huh...

If you suck at painting like I do then maybe this can help you. Obviously I did this with a brush. Suck it airbrush people. I know you're faster and better. However I would beat your ass in a fight. I literally have zero proof to support that last statement. Anyways I have a game day coming up this Saturday so I needed to get it done. I plan on running a heavy Iyanden style army and I had this one WK sitting on the shelf for months.

See the last one painted took me like 20 hours over 2 weeks. Major pain in the ass. This time I don't have this kind of time. I needed to bang it out. Now I have 3 kids and a beautiful GF, so dedicated painting time can be a SOB to get. Once again I had to get this fucker done. The gods would smile on me because my boys would have soccer camp this week. I had 4 nights kid less to get it done.

So I primed the WK months ago. Like right after I built it. Because don't want to be an asshole who plays with grey armies right??? Yeah cuz a matte black army shows real skill and class...
Anyways it was the suncannon/shield build version. So Monday night I lifted weights for an hour and got to painting. 3.5 hours later I had this...

Base coat, initial wash, drybrush and base on yellow done. Here is a shortcut I learned. I only did one coat with the Sotek Green. Normally I always do two. In this case I said to myself "self hurry your ass up". So after the base coat I washed it with nightshade and then dry brushed Sotek Green over that. I made sure to stay out of the recesses and it worked!!! Holy shit. New flash. Then I dry brushed some Skink Blue over that. The yellow on the shoulder pads was XV-88 as a base then Yriel Yellow on top. Like 4 coats god damn I hate yellow... You also see some grey. I use that as a base for Ceramite White.

Then I started the fine tuning on Tuesday. I needed to finish the weapons and get the little shit knocked out. I only got about 2 hours this night I still made solid progress. I used Auric Gold and Copper Bell on the Suncannon. Then washed them both with Fuegen Orange. OK that's a lie I used Nuln Oil first. Good call me... the copper looked brown and the gold looked green. Stupid me I knew better. So a quick recoat of colors and then the right wash. I wasn't blown away but it looked solid. Also Saturday was fast approaching so fuck it. The white went on like a champ and I dropped a little Nuln Oil in the crevasses. Looked solid to me.

Then last night I texted Kyle "almost done about a half hour to go". This was at 5:30.... so at 9:30ish I had this...Ohh yeah the fucking base yeah that thing shit....Look at it the god damn base was bare!!!
Just when I thought it was all almost done. Nope time to get creative. Well as creative as I can get.

So I got to work finishing up the small stuff doing the highlighting, putting a base together, touch up, blah blah blah... You know all the tedious shit you hate when your painting. You see the light at the end of the tunnel, you realize it was just a light on the wall. Keep painting asshole.

So here is what happened. I got it done Wednesday night about 9:40ish...OK I just doubled checked my text time stamp it was 10:10 PM... Half an hour I said right? RIGHT?? RIGHT?? Fuck. So here what the finished product looks like.

Pretty solid huh?
Fuck I'm good!!!
Look at that base. From soup to nuts. What's that even mean?


Brothers in arms. Not like in a gay way, not that there is anything wrong with that... I'm gonna stop typing..
So That's how to paint a WK in 10 hours. I didn't say I had a secret or that I'm better then you. Just my story. Side note Saturday is Martin's game day and fuck I am excited. Beyond pumped. I got two great missions done that should be wicked fun. I will have an extensive bat rep listing from that day. Shit I got to finish the warlord experience table... God damn it!!!! ARRRGGHHHHHH!!!

See you around the way...

Friday, June 13, 2014

7th Edition rocks...

I can't tell you how much fun I am having with Maelstrom of War missions. They are amazing. They are refreshing and they are good. So for those of you who don't know MoW mission use cards or D66 die rolls to determine your objectives each turn. I highly recommend you get the cards when they are back in stock. They allow for a much easier time book keeping wise. I preordered them thinking... Gee this might be handy if all this random objective shit is true. They are. They are supposed to be back in July. Get them as soon as you see them. For real its like 10 bucks or something quit being a cheap piece of shit.

So Kyle and I got down with a 2250 point MoW mission. We used secret objectives. Random roll and I got the one mission I played already. Its cool though he hasn't. He brought his Blood Angels with a Storm Raven and Mephiston, I rocked a mixed Belac (aspect)/skimmer style list with two Farseers. I normally don't take two. This is due to my cavemen style tendencies to TOTALLY FORGET TO CAST FUCKING POWERS THE WHOLE GAME.... I figured though with a psychic phase I cant fuck this up right??? I didn't btw it made me feel smart.

Our board before deployment obviously. That or we cast invisibility hahaha!! I will stop now.
We laid down some terrain and Kyle won deployment/initiative. He deployed first and then chose to go second. He only had 2 drop pods for this list. I think had he known better he would have had eleventeen. He started with his rather pretty Imperial Knight on the table and 2 assault Marine squads. That's it... this new no 50% deployed rule helps Marines.... a lot.

That's all you are putting down??? Asshole....

I put most my stuff down except my Hornets and Warp Spiders. I moved my 3 serpents around and jumped my Wraithknight up to squeeze off some shots. Things were looking good. I unloaded 2 Serpent shields, 2 heavy wraithcannon shots and 8 Dark Reaper missiles and damn did his IK pay the price.... 1 HP later and a box of tissues later... God damn it. It was going to be beautiful and I just couldn't roll a glance or pen. So a real loser first turn for me. I did score a TO point though so not all was wasted.
His turn and he tried to blow up the ruins. It was a bad call in hind site. He glanced it twice and realized how silly it was. He had a Dreadnaught and some Death Company come in they did a HP to a Serpent and killed a Dark Reaper or 2. No big whip. I felt good.
Turn 2 I proceeded to lay down a wicked ass whipping to the DC Space Marines. Of the original 10, 2 remained. Got to love bladestorm. also SUSPLODED the dreadnaught. Yes I am aware that isn't English. On the down side..... 2 Heavy Wraithcannons and 6 Dark Reaper missiles resulted in 0 HP removed... Mother of fuck my eyes out that IK won't god damn die. I also got another TO point 2-0 me.
Turn 2 Kyle and the Storm Raven comes on and the other Dreadnaught as well. This was going to sting and fuck if it didn't. He killed a Wave Serpent promptly and wiped out all but the Dark Reaper exarch and his Farseer... Do not fret they would be fine RUNNING OFF THE GOD DAMN TABLE. Every time I run reapers they run. I mean every time.  He would score zero.

You wanna play??? Ho K we can play!!!
Turn 3 the Hornets and Warp Spiders come one. Its about to get bloody in here. So Hornets come on and shoot up the one assault squad. I back that up with some supporting fire from a Serpent. They were on a objective and needed to go. I would shoot at the Storm Raven and IK more... You know then ending. 1 HP between them. ARGHH!!!
Turn 3 Kyle a moment we were both sure that was going to lose him the game. 5 marines from the 2nd assault squad fail a charge on my Hornets. First roll a 3 second roll double 1's. Look close at the pic and you will see the dice it was hilarious.
Turn 4 I move my WK close I am going to charge the IK because this shooting shit ain't happening. I decide to soften him up with some Hornet shots to the ass and get him down to 1 HP thank god. I cast invisibility on my WK and charge right in. 5 attacks 3 hits with Hammer of Wrath. S10 AP 2 hits. I roll a 1,1,2,... Nothing. He needs 6's to hit. He gets 2.... oh shit.... no biggie right? He wont roll 2 fucking 6's.... Yeah WK dead and gone. May I mention he had been unhurt to that point... Invisibility rocks. On a good note. I picked up 5 TO points. I killed a unit and had 3 objectives to his 1. I got a D3 VP points for that and another for one of the objectives I had. 8-0 looking good.
Turn 4 him and he goes to work.... Wave Serpents dead. HP stripped away from the Storm Raven and IK. Warp Spiders get prison sex'd from the DC dreadnaught. Those blood talons are OP!!!! Yeah I went there. 1 Hornet dies from bolter shots to the butt. He scores a point for something. 8-1.
Looking for 1 Wraithknight anyone seen one??? Goes by Kevin he is blow with white trim... anyone seen him? Someone go ask that big red mofo over there...
Turn 5 its tight. He has been hoarding his 3 cards. He hasn't swapped any out in 2 turns. I smell a trouble a brewing.... I have a shitty turn wait till you see it.

My trusty ole' Hornet not killing the DC dread...
Yes that's a real roll not staged at all. It gets better.
That's Mephiston having a good time with his penis and my Dire Avengers...
So turn ended not so good. After the quad 1's and my last remaining full squad getting killed it wasn't a good turn. I did score a point. 9-2
Turn 5 him... He killed everything remaining but 1 5 man squad of Dire Avengers I think. He got warlord and wait for it. If you kill3 units you get 3 plus D3.... ohh shit... He rolls a 4 now its 9-8. God damn....
Turn 6 is rather uneventful as he can only shoot the IK at my remaining douches. He killed 4... Number 5 ran but NOT OF THE TABLE!!! Game end 9-8
So yeah I won?? No I almost got tabled. It was shameful. Morale of the story. Knights are bad mmmmkay....


Hobby progress. Well none. My daughter was finishing up softball this week and I had games like every night. I'm a good dad so I wasn't home all week. Next Saturday though is the real deal. The game day a friend of mine Martin put together. I am doing the missions. I have 2 of the 3 done and sent off for review. I am pumped I am hoping to get to play with 5 or 6 people I have never met before. Should be fun if not I will just beat them in the church parking lot. Fuck em they should have know not to beat me!!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Brass Bull lives...

So in my Beastmen book resides a slick, mean, SOB named Taurox the Brass Bull. He is a face raping beat stick. 1+ armor save, flaming attacks that ignore armor. Holy Sheeeeeit!!! So I dug the fluff behind him alot. Long story short he was cursed by a daemon and ever since he has been traveling around getting into adventures... like Cain from kung fu. Except his adventures involve genocide and destroying civilizations.

Yeah he is that cool. So I found a awesome Doombull conversion on ebay. Got it for 25 bucks too so half off. Score. I decided since he had two axes he would be perfect for Taurox. Then I got to painting.

I started by priming him black. Then base coated him warplock bronze. Washed him with a 3 part equal mix of nun oil, earthshade and lamian medium. Nun oil can go wicked dark quick and I knew it would be a dark colored model already I wouldn't need any help.

His butt!
Then I decided to do his fur in copper bell. Same wash applied.


Copper bell fur.
Then numerous dry brushed coats and washes... like 6 each. I couldn't decide on colors. It was maddening. I cannot describe how indecisive I was with this.
This was after deciding on sycorax brass or whatever its called.
Weapons in silver and crimson wash... fucking hated it.
Changed the weapons to Auric Gold with orange wash. Then used the copper oxide for the runes.
Added some gore and finished up the details
Overall I'm pleased. I have stated I'm not a great painter but average at best. So now I can't wait to field him. Thanks for reading!!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Why the name? Hobby progress to!!

This is a question I get all the time... Ok not once have I been asked this. Anyways always me to explain. I have a Craftworld of Eldar and a Tribe of Beastmen. That's why. The Craftworld name is Belac which is Eldar for "way or path". The tribe of Beastmen are from the Byull wastes. Its a place I made up in WFB. I used the name once in a D&D campaign for a minotaur lord who terrorized a whole country side. That's the why and how of the names.

So i wanted to post a little hobby progress. That's why I originally started this and what I never want to lose focus on. So i have 3 kids, a beautiful GF, a fuckmook of a dog, 1 cat, 1 white trash kitten and Pantera iguana (he is fuckin' hostile some of you will get this). So what does that have to do with shit right? Well I'm strapped for time is what I am saying. Painting is something I dig about the hobby but I like playing and reading the fluff more. So sometimes it becomes painful to paint. I am not a skilled painter. I have no issue saying that. I can technically paint solid. I am no artist though. I am lacking that gift.
Proving my point here. Solid not good. Nice highlighting jackass!!

So without further ado I have been pounding out some Beastmen. I got them back in February of this year. My buddy Kyle was pushing me to play WFB (he has a nicely done VC army). I said sure I'd take a look. I loved the Dark Elf sculpts but frankly the idea of more elves was nauseating. I have space elves close enough. I have never been into the whole "chaosy" thing. You know what I'm saying "blood for the blood god" and "disease for festering sores god"!! You get my point. Chaos fluff while necessary to the Warhammer world wasn't my bag. My point is I don't generally like chaos armies. Jesus I need Adderall.... So I found the only sculpts I really liked were Beastmen.

Go figure like the worst WFB army... But ohhh there is a but.... They play fun!! I run up the board and beat you with axes, sticks, hammers, swords, maces.... so easy to play. I really liked it.

So about 3-4 weeks ago I actually started painting this brown horde. I have so far finished 50 gors, I minotaur and 1 doombull.

The first of the Beastmen I painted.
My horde of Gor....Don't worry still got 30 more to do..FML

I'm pleased but he is lacking pizazz.

My Doombull.
So like I said solid but no artist. I much prefer creating the background to my armies but painting can be a great way to keep me from killing people I have found.
Thanks for reading. That's what I have been brushing on lately. Until next time.