Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Starting a new army...sigh why do I hate myself

So like 4-5 months ago I read the ADB (Aaron Dembski Bowden) Night Lords triliogy. Such a good read. This isn't news though, not by a long shot. Talos is such a cool character and they painted Curze in this light that made me love him. I mean heavy breathing man crush on Curze. I mean like hiding my boner and trying not to smile, like a school girl at a one direction concert, when he comes to my place for a shirts off BBQ. Was that gay? I would make out with him ok!!! Whatever.  
So anyways loved that book and I loved the Night Lords. I loved what they were supposed to be. I loved the perilous position the emperor put them in. To be the terror, the judgment of the crusade and yet to be held in such low regard by the other legions. They had no friends and no companions outside their own and they could barely stand themselves. That’s the kind of self-loathing I can get behind.  
Then I started checking out all the 30k stuff from Forgeworld. God damn it why do I insist on being poor forever? AHHHHHH. Have you seen 30k rules and fluff?! AHHHHH and I'm broke or about to be. So now my dilemma become this I have a 40k army and a WFB army. I made a promise to myself 2 armies... 2 ARMIES... 2 GOD DAMN ARMIES!!! I have currently a Eldar army and my Beastmen. I love my Beastmen. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, them.  
I don’t love my Eldar. I can say that. I picked them up when I got back into the game 2 years ago because that’s what I had before when I played 2nd edition. So my dilemma. Sell my Eldar for my new army. I know youre saying why not have both. Well here is why. I barely get to play my Beastmen now, due to 40k's popularity and prevalence. I'd never get to play 3 armies especially one that uses 30k rules. I know not everyone is cool with cross-rules-complications-shananagins-butthurt-OP-ragequit-tableflip stuff and stuff. So I know my tabletop time is limited. Also I got like 60% of my Eldar done and noooooooooo way then ever get finished if I get Night Lords. Besides I made promises to myself. 2 ARMIES!!! 
So what do I do? Sell or stay or collect army number 3?  
So this is the start to my dilemma Where do I go from here? I'm going to cover this for a while. This topic isnt going anywhere so if you don’t like it don’t read it. I need to vent (whine). Hey who put whine in there? MFing editor.  
Part 2 spoiler 
Wait am I even going to like how these play???????
All yours daddy... Wait was that gay?