Monday, January 12, 2015

Starting a new army part 2 or will I like how they play?

Its actually a great question. It really is. Like really is. I cant stress enough how big a deal it is. I'm going to keep harping on this until you get it. Like it’s a huge god damn deal man!! So I knew I loved the fluff of the Night Lords. This group of Marines who's sole purpose was to pacify renegade planets and systems. How did they do it you ask? They did it with fear... Lots of fear... They did it by butchering those that surrendered.  Think about this "We did not come for your supplication". They knew to break the heart and soul of a enemy they must fear your wrath. That’s exactly what they did.  
Right on that gets me pumped thinking about that. Now how's it play? Seriously can you replicate that on the tabletop? Short answer is no. Its not possible with the current rulesets of the game to really "break" a army. Hell so much ATSKNF and fearless and re-rolling morale checks and zealot and relics and psychic powers. Get my point? Its not doable but that doesn’t change I love them and the idea of them. They are sooo cool to me. I cant stop thinking about how much I'd dig having this army. 
So its my 2nd army and where do you start? Start with the rules. STFU I knew you knew that but I have to type it anyways god damn it. What rules would I need? Horus Heresy rules for Books 1-3 so I bought these sexy ladies! 
Now I gotta tell you this. I do not like spikey Marines. Think they look stupid and all that chaos for the wiener god and look at my herpes its gives me +1 toughness. Well frankly does absolute jack for me. Don’t like the way it looks and certainly don’t like all those stupid charts and goofy other shit CSM use. The Night Lords I love are from 30k which by and large translates to 40k it isn't perfect though. Some of the stuff just doesn’t work. Most the fear causing abilities don’t do shit in 40k (most of my games will be against 40k armies).  For instance causing fear is scary to 30k Marines they run from shit! Their 40k counterparts however go "umm what's with the skull face spooky man?" Then they open up fire on you and bye bye... Lastly 30k stuff is just as expensive points wise even though they are missing rules or abilities. EHHH... Not good. 
So you gotta study and figure out how you are going to play these psychopaths. That’s what I started doing. First thing I noticed. Marines are slow. My Eldar move, shoot, run do a ninja flip and then hide in a bush. Marines move and shoot and then die... Terrifying I know right? My vehicles all jink, Night Lord vehicles explode really pretty and stuff. Shit that’s no good. My monstrous creatures all have high toughness my Night Lords MC have ohh shit... Ok I don’t want Night Lords now.  
Kidding they have some sweet stuff. Nostramen Chainglaives S+1 AP3 rending 2 handed weapons. You can take them or a power weapon, for the same mf-ing price!! Score! Alex I'll take Nostramen Chainglaives for the win. Also I can take pods in mass like any good Space marine army. Nice, nice I likey! Lastly they get Curze. 435 points of madness. A beat stick. A murder train of scary. He buffs the army like crazy and makes them better. Having 7 S6 AP2 instant death attacks don’t hurt much either. 2+/4+, stealth, shrouding, hit and run, D3 hammer of wrath. I do!! I'll bottom its cool.  
So I've found some good stuff. Now I can take anything any other legion can take vehicles, elites, fast attack etc.. A lot doesn’t keep with the fluff though. That’s a big deal to me. That’s why I want them. I'm seeing what my biggest issue will be though. Limited builds to keep constant with the fluff. Can I get over it? Let frigging hope so.... 
Spoiler part 3 
It costs how much?